How To Quickly Manifest Something In 3 Simple Steps

How To Quickly Manifest Something In 3 Simple Steps

The number one question I get asked in the spiritual community is:

How do I manifest something or someone?

And does manifesting truly work?

Here’s the simple truth:

Much of the information you’ll find from spiritual influencers and “gurus” when it comes to the law of attraction and how to manifest what you truly desire doesn’t work at all.

That’s because the majority of spiritual advice focuses on how to change your thoughts, which is like trying to get your car to start by focusing on the tires.

If you want to manifest your reality, you need to focus on raising your vibration by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Focus On Your Emotions
  2. Be Grateful
  3. Take Real Action

1. Focus On Your Emotions

If you’ve ever read the blockbuster book, The Secret, then you know that most manifestation programs focus on affirmations.

The basic idea is that if you want to attract something into your life, you need to think about it all the time, and direct all your focus and energy towards it.

This basically breaks down to: always think about what you want. And don’t think about what you don’t want.

Sounds simple, right?

It is. Too simple.

Here’s why that’s not enough:

Everything (including us!) is energy. And all that energy vibrates at a certain frequency.

As part of the infinite and powerful consciousness of the universe, our energy is attracted to other energies with the same vibration.

In quantum physics, this is known as “like attracts like”.

But it’s not our thoughts that send out these vibrational frequencies. It’s our emotions.

Just think of the word emotion itself, which means “energy in motion”!

Every emotion vibrates at a different frequency. Lower vibration emotions include fear and hate. High vibrations are joy, vibration, etc. with love being the highest vibration of all.

We have hundreds of thousands of passing thoughts every day. They come and go like the weather. But they are not attached to any vibration unless they reflect a particular emotional state.

So if your emotions don’t line up with your thoughts, you won’t be able to create what you want.

The real power of thoughts comes from their ability to help us take action. For example, negative thoughts can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because it leads us to do things that are self-destructive.

But when we believe we can actually do something, then we are more likely to put ourselves in the position to actually do it!

The bottom line is that how you feel about something is extremely important when you try to manifest something.

Start by convincing yourself that you truly deserve what you are trying to manifest and that you are fully capable of getting it.

Instead of just affirming that you want something, feel how wonderful it will be when you actually get it. Fill yourself with all the emotions you will have when the thing you want occurs, and feel it as if it is happening right now.

Don’t just tell yourself it’s going to happen. Feel it happen.

2. Be Grateful

The fastest way to manifest anything you want in your life is to be grateful for what you already have.

That’s because gratitude is a very fast amplifier to raise your vibrational energy very quickly.

However, many people fail to make gratitude a regular daily practice or they don’t quite master it the right way to really make it effective.

The secret is you have to practice gratitude on things that you are actually truly grateful for.

You can’t try to convince yourself that you’re grateful for something when you don’t actually feel that way.

For example, if you’re able to find a parking space quickly in a grocery store parking lot, you may feel a little bit happy. But are you truly grateful? If not, trying to focus your gratitude practice on the great parking spot will not net any real manifestation.

Instead, think of the things you already know are real blessings in your life. What are you blessed to have that many others don’t?

Don’t just think it. Really get deep into your feelings and FEEL how wonderful and lucky you are.

Another great trick is to find the good in things you used to embrace with self-pity or negativity. Whatever areas in life you are struggling with or stuck in, give it gratitude. You’ll be amazed how turning the stress of things that worry you into thanks will create peace and calm…and help you manifest things faster.

Whatever is happening…LOVE IT. See the opportunity in it. See the lessons it is here to bring you.

Our manifestation practice often fails because we spend so much time complaining about things when we aren’t actively practicing gratitude.

But when you start to see miracles everywhere, even the places you might think at first are “problems”, then the act of generating more miracles starts to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You’ll start seeing fast changes to your life when gratitude becomes a daily habit.

The next step is to start feeling grateful for the things you don’t even have yet. The key is to act as if you already have exactly what you want.

Give thanks through every cell of your body…because you already have it!

Finally, start a gratitude journal. For just a few minutes at the end of each day, jot down a list anything and everything you can think of that you can be grateful for that happened to you that day.

3. Take Real Action

Now that you’re able to manifest properly with emotion and you’re taking time to practice gratitude every day, you have to actually take some steps to go after what you’ve been visualizing in your manifestation practice.

This means listening to your intuition to put you in the path with people and situations that match the higher vibration you have been creating for yourself.

From now on when you take action on anything, make it because something inside you told you to do it. I’m talking about your gut feeling. Or maybe you experience it as a tiny little nudge or voice from yourself.

Most likely, you won’t even know why you feel like you should do something, but a strong feeling or desire pushes you to take action on something.

For example, you wake up and hear a voice inside you telling you to go for a bike ride today. The thing is…you hardly ever ride your bike and maybe it’s been a year or so since the last time you hopped on your bike.

Nonetheless, you choose to listen to that inner voice and take that bike ride. Next thing you know, you are waiting for a red light and another biker pulls up next to you who happens to be the exact right connection for your career at that moment. Someone you would have never met, or had the chance to actually talk to, if you hadn’t taken that bike ride.

This is the kind of action I’m talking about. It’s not a “to do” list or plan. It’s being open to listening for and following a feeling and inner urge inside you.

It’s important not to focus too much on the “how” something will happen. Let the Universe take care of the “how”. It’s your job to put yourself in the right places and positions to receive…and surrender to whatever comes your way.

That said, you can’t just sit idly by and expect things to happen.

That phone call you’ve been putting off, that networking event you didn’t feel like attending…this is where you have to step over the line of inaction to make sure you’re taking advantage of any possible opportunities that come your way.

Be sure to focus on the energy you put behind your every action. It’s important that your intentions match your vibration.

For example, you should be fully open to experiencing a positive outcome from that phone call. And no matter how the call goes down, you maintain your gratitude for the experience.

Notice that I didn’t see you should “expect” a particular outcome. That’s a recipe for failure because it sets you up to possibly experience a low vibrational frequency of disappointment.

So rather than expecting any specific result, let the universe lead the way.

How To Manifest Wrap Up

Manifesting doesn’t “just happen” because you think positively about something or visualize great things.

It only happens consistently when you tap into your feelings, practice gratitude daily, and take action on the things your inner voice guides you to do.

You can also use various manifestation programs and tools to help speed this process along.

Believe that your dreams will come true, act as if they already have come true and act accordingly. This is when the real “miracles” occur on the regular, even though you know they aren’t really miracles at all!

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links in this article at no cost to you if you decide to make a purchase from them. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

The 7 Best Ways To Develop Your Psychic Abilities (2022)

The 7 Best Ways To Develop Your Psychic Abilities (2022)

Everyone has the power to develop psychic abilities, yes even you!

But the process of growing your intuitive powers can take some time if you don’t have the proper knowledge or tools to speed up the learning process.

Once you are set on unlocking your psychic powers, the best next step is to find the right psychic course or program to quickly boost your ability to tap into your intuition.

The right training program can even help you do psychic readings for your own clients!

Of course, there are a lot of varying methods and opinions on the best and fastest ways for you to develop your abilities, whether that means a specific type of meditation practice, visualization techniques or practice method. The following list contains the best NFT wallets you can find on the market at this moment.

In this article, I will compare the best psychic development programs and list their top features.

This will help you decide which one is best for you, based on your specific needs

What Are The Best Programs To Grow Your Psychic Abilities?

Here are the best courses to help you develop your psychic powers that you can join right now.

1. Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System is one of the most researched and proven programs for unlocking the hidden powers of you mind.

It can even help you boost your creativity as well as problem solving skills.

It uses the latest advances in neuroscience to help you “rewire” your subconscious to accurately and reliably access your natural intuition.

Backed by countless peer-reviewed studies, the Ultramind system is the perfect choice if you’ve been wondering if you’re psychic but don’t yet know how to begin accessing your own psychic abilities.

Key Features

  • 28-day online program to tap into your mind’s altered states of consciousness
  • Learn to use your psychic ability with just a few minutes a day of practice
  • Helps you make better decisions in your life by giving you the tools to rely on your higher guidance
  • Discover how to quickly become relaxed in any situation (no prior meditation experience necessary!)
  • Manifest your reality by using enhanced visualization techniques
  • Learn a powerful healing technique to diagnose and heal yourself and others


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You can get the Ultramind System as part of membership with Mindvalley, which also gives you a full library of transformational programs.

With monthly and annual membership plans, you can choose which option is right for you:

  • Monthly: $99 per month
  • Annual: $41.60 per month.

The annual plan gives you a savings of $688.80 when compared to the monthly plan.

The Bottom Line

The Ultramind System is best if you want a comprehensive, proven program to not only develop your psychic powers but to also enhance your creativity, focus and ability to stay calm and relaxed in any situation.

2. The Psychic School

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Are you looking to gradually increase your psychic abilities by learning tools that can unlock your natural clairvoyance? If so, The Psychic School is one of the best places to do so.

With foundational courses, continuing classes, downloadable workshops and graduation programs, you can build your psychic toolkit step-by-step until you reach a professional level of psychic development.

This program can show you how powerful you really are.

One great thing about The Psychic School is they teach you how to use spirituality tools to manifest your goals in the physical world. The psychic tools you’ll learn here will enable you to solve your biggest of problems, see and communicate with angels, explore past lives and Akashic records, and read the auras, chakras, and spirits of the people around you.

Key Features

  • Simple & efficient tools for psychic development
  • Psychic tools that expand creativity & awareness
  • Courses from home over the phone & internet
  • Connection with psychics from around the world
  • MP3 copies of all classes for personal review
  • Psychic readings on all aspects of life & beyond


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With so many levels of psychic courses to choose from, I recommend you start with their one-year Clairvoyant Training Program. You can pay annually or break it down into automatic payments of just $300 a month.

The Bottom Line

The Psychic School is best if you desire simple, step-by-step foundational courses that will build upon each of the lessons before it to uncover the full power of your psychic abilities.

3. Udemy Psychic Courses

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One of your least expensive options for beefing up your psychic skills can be found at Udemy.

They have a large selection of online psychic video courses to choose from, and many of them come with a certificate of completion. No matter your experience level, there’s something here for you. Whether you want to become a psychic, a psychic medium, learn how to read auras or tarot cards, or communicate with angels, you’ll find a course here for you.

Udemy has over 150,000 courses, making it one of the best online learning platforms for individual psychic classes.

And because the courses on Udemy are created by its users like you, you can even launch your own classes on psychic skills and mediumship once you develop your own proficiency.

Key Features

  • 30-day Refund Policy with no questions asked
  • You get access to every course you’ve ever purchased for life
  • It’s easy to find the right psychic class for you with courses that vary from beginner to advanced.
  • Online video courses with captions in multiple languages
  • 6,000 new courses added every month


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Udemy courses are totally affordable, starting at $11.99 and going up to $199.99. They often have significant sales and discounts (at least once a month) so keep checking back to see if your favorite psychic courses are on sale.

The Bottom Line

Udemy’s psychic development courses are best if you want to receive a certificate of completion when discovering your psychic abilities and promoting yourself as a working psychic.

4. Miracle Mastery

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30 years in the making, the Miracle Mastery eBook is THE culmination of uncovering the natural psychic abilities you already possess to create a comprehensive guidebook for mastering your own potential.

Based on real scientific discovery, the secrets inside this book teach you how to work with the energy of your own aura. By learning how to control and focus this energy, you’ll be able to perform “miracles” such as moving objects with your mind, healing, reading minds and even teleportation.

Of course, my first inclination was to be skeptical of a book like this. But there is a LOT of information provided to back up every claim, as well as specific instructions on exactly what to do to achieve each result.

Key Features

  • Learn how to master 16 different psychic abilities such as telepathy and mediumship
  • Discover a deep relaxation technique that sets the stage for developing every psychic ability
  • Why most people fail to use their natural psychic powers and what you should do instead to grow yours
  • 300 pages of step-by-step instructions on what to do, how to do it, and even how it works and why.
  • You’ll also receive free eBooks on Lucid Dreaming, Teleportation, The Law of Attraction and The Yoga Sutras.


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It would take decades of intensive study and thousands upon thousands of dollars to discover all the psychic secrets in this book. But it’s available to you instantly for just $27.

The Bottom Line

Miracle Mastery is the perfect eBook if you desire to fully unlock every aspect of your true potential and you want to learn the science behind what makes your psychic powers possible.

5. Sounds True

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Sounds True is the perfect resource for discovering a variety of courses and programs that can help you obtain psychic gifts.

You’ll learn from some of the best clairvoyants here, from Jack Rourke to Judith Orloff. You’ll also find programs on Remote Viewing, Distance Healing and learning how to do past life regressions.

I have no doubts you’ll find the right resource here to change your consciousness and access energy that goes beyond any of your self-imposed limitations.

Key Features

  • More than 3,000 titles featuring some of the leading psychic teachers
  • Choose from audiobooks, books, video courses and online trainings
  • Most of their titles can be purchases as an audio download or on
  • Large discounts can regularly be found on most products


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Prices can vary for books and courses and there are always steep discounts. This means it’s easy to find something that’s in your budget.

The Bottom Line

Perfect if you want to develop your psychic talents with an audiobook, or if you want a variety of spiritual gifts to start working on.

6. The Sophia Code

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The Sophia Code is a spiritual text focused on principles of activating your Higher Self and stepping into your divine purpose.

The author of the Code, Kaia Ra, created this Psychic Development Training to help you receive the divine guidance you need every day.

You’ll learn how to activate your Chakras to attain psychic abilities, learn spiritual healing attunements and break through any limiting beliefs that keep you from embracing your natural intuitive gifts.

Key Features

  • Release unconscious fears about your psychic gifts
  • Discover ancient psychic development techniques from Egypt and more
  • 14 hours of new teachings, guided meditations, and personal growth insights
  • Exclusive online forums and focus group discussions
  • Mentor calls with Kaia Ra


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The Sophia Code makes it easy to pay in a way that’s convenient for you with one payment of $777 or 3 monthly payments of $277.

The Bottom Line

This psychic training program is best for you if want to focus on connecting with the Divine Feminine and you desire to be in touch with the power of your Higher Self.

7. Arthur Findlay College

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Arthur Findlay College is the top school in the world to learn the art of mediumship.

Since 1945, Arthur Findlay has been teaching students Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing, and psychic development.

They hold at least 80 courses every year, most of them now online, with an expansive choice of subjects.

Best of all is the community you will find here, as you are certain to make lifelong friends who share your love

Key Features

  • Many courses now available online with Zoom
  • The world’s foremost college for the advancement of Psychic Sciences
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes
  • Classes taught by some of the world’s best psychics and mediums



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Online psychic course prices generally range around £135 (around $180). Please keep in mind the college courses are listed in British pounds.

The Bottom Line

This is the place for you if you’re looking for premier level instruction from the best instructors in the world in psychic training and mediumship development.

What Are Psychic Abilities?

Psychic abilities are also known as the ability to read minds and predict the future. Everyone has the ability to perceive information hidden from your normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP). You might be clairvoyant (with the ability to see psychically), clairaudient (hearing) and/or clairsentient (knowing),

Final Thoughts

How well you can use your own psychic gifts depends on how much you practice them.

There are plenty of great online courses and programs to help you develop psychic access and anyone can do it!

With that said, pick the ones that are best suited for your own individual psychic development.

77 Best Tools You Can Use To Develop Your Spiritual Gifts (2022)

77 Best Tools You Can Use To Develop Your Spiritual Gifts (2022)

Whether or not you are far along in your spiritual awakening, or you are simply beginning to explore new ways to improve your spiritual health, finding the best spiritual products and courses to help you on your journey can seem overwhelming.

As a professional psychic medium, I know how important it is to only use the absolute best tools to develop yourself spiritually.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best spiritual courses, apps, websites, spiritual stores, videos, products and subscriptions services for your spiritual growth and self-development.

It also includes healing crystals and stones, holistic healing, sound healing, reiki, astrology charts, and psychic mediumship trainings.

So why should you trust my spiritual product reviews?

I’ve been a medium in Hollywood for years so I’ve seen what works for my clients and what doesn’t.

I’ve spent countless hours of personal research on these products because my clients are constantly asking for my advice and I pride myself on giving them the best recommendations possible.

So if you want to improve your spiritual health and get help finding your true soul purpose, this article is for you.

#1 Best Overall Spiritual Program: Mindvalley

While I cover a lot of ways for you to get a complete spiritual makeover in this list, there’s no better place to cover all the bases with one simple membership than Mindvalley.

By signing up for a Mindvalley membership, you get access to a powerful online learning platform where you can experience life-changing personal growth in just 20 minutes a day.

With courses in virtually every area of personal development, taught by renowned teachers, there’s no shortage of self-evolution to choose from. Everything from Energy Medicine, to Astral Projection and Unlocking Transcendence is covered here, with additional courses to help you improve your body, mind and relationships.

You even get a separate app with your membership that’s completely devoted to Meditation.

They also have a robust community with tens of thousands of students to grow and learn with.

Overall, with a full library of programs taught by world-class experts and celebrities that are accessible on any device, and your own private Social Network, Mindvalley is my #1 overall choice as the best tool to develop your spiritual gifts.

Now let’s move on to the rest of the list.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted every program in this guide and believe they are the best for generating affiliate revenue. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

#2. Calm

Calm is another popular app that focuses on meditation, sleep and relaxation.

What I love about this app is it’s a great tool to start centering yourself quickly before you dive into deeper spiritual work.

It’s audio content strengthens your mental fitness and helps you clear your stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Calm also contains some 100 Sleep Stories (bed-time stories for grown-ups), plus sleep music, meditation lessons and nature sounds.

It’s a great way to “set the stage” for deeper spiritual work!

#3. BetterListen!

If you’re looking to hear wisdom from some of the biggest thought leaders in mindfulness and wellness, you should check out BetterListen!

From Jon Kabat-Zinn to Marianne Williamson, this site offers audiobooks on a range of topics from Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism to guided meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.

You’ll only find high-quality recordings from the biggest names in spirituality here, and you can download every audiobook as a mp3 to play on any compatible device.

#4. Shambhala Publications

If you’re looking to boost your knowledge of Eastern spirituality and mysticism, there’s no better place to visit than Shambhala Publications.

Shambhala aims to help create an Enlightened society and it shows with their vast selection of books and online courses.

Whether you want to begin your spiritual practice with learning yoga, diving deep into religion & philosophy, or simply devouring some of the timeless spiritual classic texts, this is a go to for anyone dedicated to personal growth.

They also make it really easy to connect with your favorite writers through author events and retreats.

#5. The Silva Method

There’s perhaps no more proven way for developing your psychic and clairvoyant abilities than the scientific programs employed by The Silva Method.

Founded in 1960 by parapsychologist Jose Silva,“Silva Mind Control” is considered one of the “original” meditation programs that can help you realize your full potential and live a life that YOU design.

You’ll awaken the hidden power of your mind through meditation by learning how to enter alpha brainwave states of enhanced awareness that enable you to boost your creativity, achieve better focus and dramatically enhance your powers of intuition and ESP.

Backed by more than 50 years of brain research, The Silva Method actually gives you a STEP-BY-STEP proven process for mastering the powers of your mind, which is why I can’t recommend it highly enough.

#6. Sounds True

Sounds True is a one-stop shop for transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

You’ll find all the leading spiritual teachers here through books, audio programs, online learning experiences, and in-person events.

With a simple navigation and personalized picks for you in spirituality, psychology, meditation, yoga, mindfulness and more, it’s never been easier to build up your library of spiritual wisdom all in one place.

#7. Sage Goddess

This is a wonderful online metaphysical shop that offers a wide variety of crystals and other sacred tools to enhance your spiritual practice.

You’ll find only the best gem carvings, crystal jewelry, magical candles, smudge bundles, spiritual home décor, crystal infused bath and body products, magical texts, ritual kits, sacred tools, and more.

Sage Goddess also has unique online classes for learning tarot, spiritual leadership and more.

I especially love that the high quality spiritual items here cater to all beliefs and religions, so there’s something for everyone.

#8. Yoga Download

Quick and easy access to over 1700 yoga classes online? Yes please!

Daily yoga can help you feel good every day and feel lighter and more energetic.

With multiple subscription models available, free class downloads and its own app, Yoga Download makes it easier than ever to breathe and flow no matter if you’re just beginning yoga or you’ve been doing it for years.

I love their free Challenges, which are free and come in a variety of lengths, with daily emails and videos to keep you motivated.

#9. Soji Energy

Focusing on holistic health, Soji Energy infuses each of their products with  the natural healing properties of crystals. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties. Some bring you abundance and prosperity, while others protect your energy or attract love and harmony in relationships.

Their crystal water bottles are simply stunning and BPA free. Simply pour clean filtered water into your Soji Bottle, set your intention and enjoy!

You can also positively charge your essential oils with Soji rollers, drink form their glass beverage dispensers, or shop for raw stones.

Makes for a great gift for the spiritually inclined.

#10. Psychic Source

If you need a reading from a qualified psychic, or you want to start earning money as a psychic yourself, then Psychic Source has you covered.

Unlike a lot of psychic services where you can’t trust the quality of the reading you receive, there’s a lot of flexibility here to choose the right psychic advisor for you that’s been properly vetted.

And you can choose how you’d like your reading to be priced per minute based on your needs.

They even have a Psychic Tool to guide you towards the right psychic for you simply by answering a few questions. Highly recommend!

#11. Dharma Crafts

If you’re searching for answers to the eternal question of “What Am I?”, then you’ll want to check out Dharma Crafts which has been providing quality meditation supplies since 1979.

Their exclusive line of handcrafted meditation cushions are made in Massachusetts and you can choose from pillows and support cushions in a variety or colors and fabrics, including organic cotton.

If you’re looking to complete your meditation space, pick up one of their Buddhist statues, shoji screens, altar tables, inspirational jewelry, or meditation books & CD’s. Some of the most known Buddhist communities have relied on their products for years, so you can be assured of their excellence.

#12. Keen

Since 1999, Keen has been giving trust-worthy psychic readings – over 35 million in fact.

As one of the oldest and most comprehensive sites for psychic advisors, you can book a reading for almost anything – whether you need love advice, a tarot reading, or spiritual healing you can find the right reader for you in a variety of price ranges.

Keen also gives you the opportunity to make sure you’ve found the right psychic for you by giving you three free minutes to test drive any reading so you can discover how powerful of an experience the right reading can be.

#13. Manifestation Miracle

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t seem to manifest what you want in your life, then you’ll want to give Manifestation Miracle a try.

You can do all the right manifestation meditations, thought affirmations and visualizations without seeing the results of your efforts. Here’s why…

Unless your manifestation practice is aligned with your soul’s destiny and true purpose for this life, the Law of Attraction won’t work.

Manifestation Miracle calls this “Destiny Tuning”. It’s the only manifestation program I know of that helps you align what you want with who you truly are…with incredible results. You’ll even get separate free programs for creating wealth and manifesting the love of your life.

#14. Astrotwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins), have been ELLE’s official astrologers for over a decade.

You’ll get free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for your sign on their site Astro Style. Not only are the horoscopes extremely accurate, they are full of detail and extremely fun to read.

And if you want to learn astrology, there’s a comprehensive course on just about every aspect of astrology you can think of. From using astrology to find love, using astrology charts to navigate a successful business…even becoming a better parent by incorporating an understanding of astrology into the mix.

You can even start by taking a course for free on learning the basics of birth charts or mastering the art of Feng Shui.

#15. Teal Swan

I’m a big fan of Teal Swan’s work and have followed her work for many years.  

As a spiritual teacher and advisor, Teal focuses on uncovering your truth. While her style may be a bit blunt at times, she cuts through a lot of the ‘feel good’ New Age rhetoric that doesn’t deliver real healing and change.

Her mission is to make people aware and conscious so that with that awareness, they can begin to heal and live deeply meaningful, integrated, and empowered lives.

You’ll get access to join her in person and online workshops, as well as a variety of in depth online courses and excellent meditations on her website.

#16. Sura Flow

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a meditation teacher, be sure to check out Sura Flow.

Unlike most meditation programs that give you “the right” way to meditate or control your mind, Sura Flow teaches you a simple 3-step meditation process that gives you the freedom to personalize your meditation experience.

Their 12-week online course to become a certified meditation teacher is one of the best in the business and allows you to teach from your own personal experience and helps you become a more conscious leader. It’s great for teachers, coaches, business leaders or educators.

#17. The Psychic School

Interested in developing your psychic and intuitive abilities? The Psychic School has one of the most comprehensive and varied sets of online and phone courses for learning how to become clairvoyant.

What I love about The Psychic School is there’s a course or program for you no matter how experienced you are. All you need is an open heart and open mind.

I love that they don’t have a “New Age” philosophy, focusing only on a “love and light” mentality. They base their courses on age-old teachings from around the world with a cohesive meditation system that is simple to use.

By showing you how to create one’s reality on a spiritual level, you’ll soon be able to tap into your expanded consciousness Somto manifest in your earthly life.

#18. Mindplace

Sometimes we all need a little external assistance to help us better focus when we meditate. Mindplace has been delivering first-class meditation technology since 1988 that uses light and sound to help you sink into deeper levels of meditation or altered consciousness.

Each product has fifty or more pre-programmed sessions to choose from. Just put on your headphones and ganzframes (Ganz Feld effect frames), sit back and enjoys the experience.

LED light providing stimulation that transports your mind to interesting and transformative spaces while the ‘sound’ part of a session utilize binaural beats or isochronic tone pulses to lead your mind toward beneficial ranges of mind states. You can even add your own audio sound tracks!

#19. Gaia

Gaia offers over 8,000 ad-free yoga practices, documentaries, and original series that explore human and cosmic stories.

The sheer scope of Gaia’s content simply can’t be found anywhere else. They have dozens of exclusive, original series on unique spiritual topics – the nature of the universe, ancient wisdom, the unexplained, alternative healing, and more.

You can watch Gaia content on any device, including your TV, and they offer a free trial and multiple subscription plans.

What I love most about Gaia is how fun it is to simply explore and discover so many interesting programs on spiritual growth, ancient teachings and alternative healing practices. It’s an exciting learning experience with high-quality content you won’t find anywhere else.

#20. Jonathan Parker

The author of The Soul Solution, Jonathan Parker works with your subconscious to clear away any limiting beliefs and habits that are keeping you from fully embracing the light of your soul.

With one of the largest self-development audio libraries, Parker’s website also offers workshops and even private sessions to help you change your thought patterns to stop repeating the same mistakes that cause you pain.

Everything you think, feel, and experience originates from mostly hidden subtle-energy programs that cause you to react, have undesirable conditions, and become stuck. These programs also attract people and situations to you that further interfere with your happiness and success.

What’s special about Jonathan’s programs is that he shifts your consciousness to higher levels, something that’s missing from most spiritual healing programs. But when your vibrations are higher, you’ll no longer attract or create negative health, financial, or relationships issues.

#21. Everyday Yoga

If you’re looking for the latest in fashionable Yoga styles AND accessories, Everyday Yoga has you covered.

This multi-branded online yoga retailer has been around for nearly 10 years and offers literally everything you might need to start your yoga journey.

What I love about Everyday Yoga is they celebrate yoga as a wellness lifestyle and not just a Thursday afternoon class after work. You need to be centered and grounded everyday and that means having access to the biggest selection of yoga brands at the best prices.

Shopping at this site comes with a price match, easy returns and free shipping for orders over $75.

#22. Inspire3

Science (especially quantum physics) and spirituality go hand in hand…and the best way to quickly improve your spiritual practice is to combine the two.

That’s why I love Inspire3, who provide education for developing your mind, body, soul. That includes studying the science-based way to practice the Law of Attraction, using subliminal messages to rewire your mind for more wealth and abundance, and many other personal development tools.

They even have a Facebook program that gives you inspiring posts on your feed every day to help you manifest. I love this!

#23. The Mystical Moon

Have you ever had a Moon Reading before? Me neither! But in addition to high level spiritual products, you can get one on The Mystical Moon.

From crystals, incense, candles, jewelry and tarot decks, there’s something for everyone here. It’s a great place to find holiday gifts and as a big fan of using pendulums for divination, they have some really nice ones for just $20.

These are some of the lowest prices I’ve seen on quality stones and their collection of tarot decks is excellent. Gummy Bear Tarot anyone?!

#24. Brooklyn Candle Studio

Hand-poured from soy wax with essential oils scents, the candles at Brooklyn Candle Studio just hit different.

I love the minimalist design of these candles, and I’m a big fan of the fact that the candles are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and 100% vegan.

You’ll want to be sure to check out their Candle of the Month club. For $25 a month, you’ll get their recommended seasonal candle of the month, plus a matchbox to light your new flame.

#25. Numerologist

Over 2 million numerology and astrology reports have been given at Numerologist, so it’s clearly a brand for life guidance that people trust.

You can get a Free numerology video report and, based on your personal numerology and natal chart, you’ll also get number, crystal, planet and angel readings for free every day!

If you’re new to numerology, you’ll discover everything you need to discover your numbers to use them to improve your life. With greater self-knowledge, you will be able to go deeper on your spiritual journey and transformation.

They only work with global numerology and astrology experts and you can also see how the planets are aligned each day and how that is influencing you.

#26. Oranum

Oranum is unique in the psychic reading space because of how many different types of readings you can get (pet psychic anyone?) as well as its reliance on video chat for all its readings.

If you’re looking for more clarity and direction on your spiritual journey, or you’re interested in becoming one of Oranum’s spiritual experts yourself, I think you’ll fall in love with the community they have going here.

#27. DailyOM

If you’re looking for quick inspiration along the path to spiritual growth, DailyOM has you covered.

With a tagline of “Be Happy”, DailyOM offers tons of classes on everything from Energy Work to Healthy Living and Spirituality on a very afforadable sliding scale.

Founded in 2004, DailyOM has more than a million free subscribers, many of whom joined for a daily dose of inspiration in the form of a DailyOM email. Their universal approach to wisdom and guidance makes it accessible to absolutely everyone.

If you find yourself looking for inspiration at an affordable price, I highly recommend taking a look through DailyOM’s offerings.

#28. Spirituality & Practice

A multifaith site, Spirituality & Practice is a treasure trove of spiritual journey resources.

When we recognize that spirituality is a way of life and cannot be separated from our everyday activities, then we need daily tools to help us along that path. With films, books, the arts, courses and spiritual practices for every day, this site is an encyclopedia of spiritual knowledge.

We need daily spiritual practices to deepen your relationships with the sacred and the world around you. We are what we practice…so I encourage you to check out the vast resources on this site.

#29. Elizabeth Peru

If you want to understand how weekly energy shifts may affect you, Elizabeth Peru is the woman for you.

Her energy forecasts and consciousness teachings are read by tens of thousands of souls each week, in over 100 countries worldwide. She has a natural ability to tune into energy and convey its hidden messages for your life.

I appreciate that Elizabeth takes on challenging spiritual topics in a simple to understand and apply manner, which is why I recommend signing up for her written 7-DAY life guide and energy forecast that informs you of current and upcoming cosmic influences and how they’re advancing your soul’s growth.

#30. The Daily Meditation

If you wish to get started with meditation, but you’re not sure which type of meditation practice is right for you, then check out The Daily Meditation.

They believe all meditation techniques have the power to change lives and over a million people have learned how to meditate with their classes. Sorting through their site, you’ll quickly discover how and why meditation can help with depression, anxiety and stress and your overall wellness.

You can get online instruction with your own private meditation teacher, discover a new wellness retreat, or shop for meditation tools and furniture that fits you best.

#31. Reiki Awakening Academy

Reiki is an energy healing method for stress relief, pain relief, and better health. It’s a natural, holistic way to bring your mind, body, emotions, and spirit back into balance.

The Reiki Awakening Academy teaches “Practical Reiki” which teaches you how to work with Reiki using just a simple two-step process. They offer a free intro to Practical Reiki™ mini-course which offers a great introduction to reiki, using intention, intuition, and the chakras.

If you’d like to go further in developing your intuition and powers for healing, then you can go for your Practical Reiki or Intuitive Counseling Certification on this site as well.

#32. Live & Dare

It’s no secret that regular meditation can help you overcome anxiety and stress and improve your well-being, but did you know it can also help you explore a deeper purpose in life?

Live & Dare is dedicated to helping you foster an empowered peace of mind so you can finally experience contentment in your life. They do it through a hugely popular meditation blog, along with books, courses and even personalized coaching.

Their Limitless Life program helps you develop a strong daily meditation practice and has everything you need to deepen your practice and achieve your goals. You can give it a try for 14-days for just $1.

#33. Healing Energy Tools

Handcrafted meditation pyramids? Check. Crystal and gem jewelry? Check. Using Sacred Geometric tools for improving your health, raising you consciousness, reducing your stress and increasing your intuition and powers of manifestation? You got it!

Pyramids have been used for thousands of years to raise vibrations and consciousness and have many more uses including energizing and balancing.

The meditation pyramids from The Healing Tools are handmade to the scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and every pyramid is unique with gold, silver or brass. It’s a unique tool for your spiritual growth and makes a great gift.

#34. Spiritual Gangster

If you’re looking to make a statement about your newfound spiritual path, the clothes from Spiritual Gangster will give you all the right vibes.

Inspired by yogis, athletes, artists and musicians, their clothing is designed to join ancient wisdoms with modern culture. They aim to inspire positivity, generosity, kindness, and connectedness with every collection and the proceeds of every purchase also provides a meal to a person in need.

You can start earning rewards every time you shop by joining their Good Karma Club.

#35. Sivana

If you want your clothes to reflect your new conscious and mindful lifestyle, you’ll want to check out the eclectic and cozy clothes at Sivana.

Sivana means “oasis of enlightenment” and their collection reflects their commitment to that principle by returning 10% of the site’s proceeds towards providing resources for mothers in need.

You’ll find fair trade tie-dye clothing, dresses, wraps, healing gemstones and spiritual decor made from vibrant colors and unique designs.

It’s easy to get behind this second-generation family business with deep yogic roots, who makes a commitment to making sure they give you real value beyond just the clothing you buy from them.

#36. Eckhart Tolle

I’ve been following Eckhart since the release of The Power of Now and he’s truly a spiritual master who has helped millions to become more present and joyful.

There’s no one better on the planet to teach you how to find vibrant inner peace in every aspect of your daily life.

You’ll find a wealth of free resources and video teachings on his site, as well as access to his best books, events and courses. I personally recommend his Manifestation program, which is unlike any manifestation program you’ll ever come across…and twice as effective.

#37. Change Your Energy

Living healthy is as much a part of your spiritual practice as meditating and the proper visualizations. Change Your Energy has more than 1,500 videos, articles, and weekly live classes to help you fine tune your energy, meridians and chakras.

Founded by mind-body expert and New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee, you’ll receive customized content to get your physical, heart and brain powers aligned.

By discovering (for free) which of your chakras need balancing, you’ll be able to determine what you need to focus on to become healthier and stronger.

#38. Tamed Wild

This is an absolutely gorgeous shopping site for the Magic Goddess within you. They have an active blog (I love the ghost stories!) and every purchase from them plants a tree.

Of particular interest is their variety of spiritual retreats and their monthly subscription boxes. Each month is created around a theme and can include crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces. There’s also an intention ritual to guide you through using the included items to manifest that month’s theme.

Tamed Wild also has a Tea of the Month, gift sets and curated collections for your enjoyment and spiritual growth.

#39. House of Intuition

I’m digging the whole vibe of the House of Intuition, which has been around since 2010.

Not only do they carry an array of magical items such as hand-picked crystals, all-natural herbs packaged in-house, and magic candles, you can also check out their library of metaphysical content or attend one of our many livestream Zoom classes.

I’m looking forward to reading their new book YOUR INTUITION LED YOU HERE, detailing the creation of the House of Intuition – as well as lessons on how you can live more intuitively. 

#40. Nu It School

It’s time to accept that you are an infinite being with endless possibilities!

Deganit Nuur is a clairvoyant with an online school that helps you discover self-love, develop your intuition and find newfound optimism as you learn to truly shine.

Her subscription-based website offers guided meditations and fun exercises to walk you through each step. The Nu It School is comprised of 15 self-healing online modules, consisting of 27 lessons to address imbalances at the very root cause of your manifestation.

She employs metaphysical science, Eastern Medicine, neuroplasticity, psychology, medical qi gong, hypnosis, and more to deliver real results in a short amount of time.

#41. Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette has been a spiritual teacher and intuitive guide for 40 years. She’ll help you get in the flow by teaching you how to use all of your senses to heal and feel completely whole.

With a one-year intensive mentoring program to help you make lasting, empowering shifts in your life, you’ll reconnect with your soul purpose and authentic spirit.

If you’re not up for a one-year commitment, her books and courses cover the gamut from trusting your intuition to developing your sixth sense. Check out her Good Vibe Tribe membership for even more spiritual support and guidance.

#42. The Four Winds

The Four Winds Society offers the world’s most thorough training in Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience.

You can train from anywhere in the world through their online program, and launch your practice as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach in as little as six months.

Their Light Body School combines traditional shamanic practice with energy medicine, nutrition, and neuroscience.  So you can acquire the skills to help others make the energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle changes needed to create and maintain exceptional health.

#43. Reiki Store

One of the very first online Reiki Schools, the Reiki Store has helped over 100,000 students on their path to Reiki Mastery.

By making Reiki training more accessible, the Reiki Store gives you an easy way to learn simple and natural energy tools to ease pain, anxiety and stress.

Their courses specialize in holistic training to improve overall health and wellbeing and are taught by certified and accomplished reiki masters, psychologists, mindfulness experts, and neurolinguistic practitioners. 

They even have multiple FREE Personal Wellness courses, including ones on Zen, Meditation and several on nutrition.

#44. iAwake

iAwake uses brain and sound technology to enhance and deepen your meditation experience.

You’ll find programs to increase your brainwave meditation, deep breathing, happiness, and more. All you need are a pair of headphones!

Their Profound Meditation Program interacts with your brainwaves and biofield to immerse you in deep states of meditation. Regular practice with this technology can even increase the amount of profound emotional and intuitive breakthroughs you experience.

Visit their site now to get 6 Free meditation tracks.

#45. Rock Your Worth

Created by a therapist to help you break-free from negative thinking patterns and build unstoppable confidence, this curated crystal jewelry collection does more than look stunning…it helps you improve your life.

The concept behind Rock Your Worth is pretty simple: seeing the inspirational messages on these bracelets every day will help you eliminate negative thoughts. And the gems are infused with unique healing energy.

Every time you look at what you’re wearing, you’ll be reminding of your worth. Mix and match different healing bands to shift and heal your energy in different ways.

#46. Gaiam

A leading wellness and yoga brand, Gaiam roughly means, “I am the Earth” and their products are meant to embrace the interconnectivity of all things.

If you’re seeking to add more balance to your life, as well as steadily ease your body and mind, you’ll definitely find something here to add to your practice.

From yoga mats and accessories, to fitness equipment and meditation seating, the products at Gaiam are here to help you relax. Especially cool is their massive collection of balance equipment for building a healthy spine, gaining better posture, and improving your balance.

#47. Academy of Energy Healing

Energetic healing manipulates the energy systems of the body ensure mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The Academy of Energy Healing is offering a free Masterclass on how to unlock your energy healing skills to become a professional energy healer.

You can also check out their free healing activation videos, which use sound frequencies to put you into deep states of spiritual awareness.

Their Energy Healing Practitioner Course you will gain extensive knowledge of how the chakras, meridians and aura function and how you can balance the energy flowing through these systems, first for yourself and then eventually for your clients.  

#48. Mind Movies

Visualizing doesn’t have to be boring. And if you’re into creating vision boards to help you manifest your future, you definitely need to start making your own Mind Movies.

A ‘digital vision board’, Mind Movies Mind Movie are meant to ‘reprogram’ your subconscious mind for greater self-confidence, positivity, creativity and productivity while getting rid of any blocks preventing you from having the life you want.

Just select your images or video clips, music and affirmations from their extensive library (or upload your own). Then drag-and-drop each element to create a supercharged movie of your ideal life.

Nearly 6 million people have given Mind Movies a try and you can start by getting 6 pre-made Mind Movies for free.

#49. Exquisite Crystals

If you’re new to the healing power of crystals, you’ll want to stop by Exquisite Crystals for their huge inventory of crystals and minerals, as well as carvings, pendants, books, wands, tumbled stones, and other spiritual healing accessories.

Each crystal has its own special energy aligning to different areas of your life, with each shape and colour – as well as their type – affecting its healing influence on you.

I love their focus on environmental sustainability, as well as the fact that this is a small family business that’s been around for more than 20 years. Quality is usually excellent and their prices are reasonable.

#50. Quantum Success Coaching

If you want to turn your spiritual practice into a viable business, Quantum Success Coaching is a great place to start.

With 30 hours of live Zoom training, monthly coaching sessions, your own personal coach and peer group, as well as downloadable lessons and training sessions, you’ll get everything you need here to become a confident, purpose-driven life coach.

If you’ve been doing the mindset and energy work, but hasn’t paid off for you and you want to make a successful living as a coach, this program may be for you.

#51. Evolving Wisdom

Change and growth don’t happen over night. Real transformation takes time, step-by-step. That’s why it’s easy to get behind the classes and community offered at Evolving Wisdom.

They have programs on finding your life purpose, meditation, success, love & relationships and even women’s empowerment.

And their faculty consists of leading spiritual teachers from around the world such as Dr. Jean Houston and Claire Zammit. Definitely recommended!

#52. Higher Self Teachings

Your higher self is the superconscious, higher mind part of yourself that is the source of your Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power.

At Higher Self Teachings, you’ll discover audio courses and videos to help you get more in touch with the greater parts of yourself that can lead to true spiritual awakening.

With the proper guidance of these courses, I’m confident you can awaken a blissful connection to your Higher Self and find more energy, peace and healing in your life.

#53. Amrita Aromatherapy

If you’ve never tried aromatherapy before, you should definitely try it for improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Essential oils correspond to molecular structures in your body at a rate 75 to 100 times more powerful than dried herbs to use the healing force of plants on your body and energy.

Amrita Aromatherapy makes more than 140 USDA certified organic oils that provide maximum healing benefits because they retain nature’s molecular structure as closely as possible. That means they’re not mass-produced and haven’t been diluted with cheaper oils to generate more profit.

All of their oils also come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

#54. TantraNova

This site is a bit different than the others on this list, but given that Tantra is an important spiritual practice I decided to include it.

Focusing on love an intimacy, TantraNova provides courses and programs to help you amplify your joy, pleasure, and creativity in your life and relationships.

You’ll learn how to integrate your sexual and spiritual energies to create a more divine experience with yourself and a partner. These teachings also help you express yourself more fully to increase your potential of pleasure and creativity.

It all works through tantra breathing exercises that connects your lower chakras (sexual energy centers) in your body to your higher chakras (love and spiritual energy centers). You can do the practice with yourself, with a partner or a group

#55. Call Of Destiny

Here’s a unique way to get an astrology reading by getting a free sun and moon reading right off the bat.

Call of Destiny is run by professional astrologer Elena Roberts, who has given more than 25,000 astrology readings!

Not only will your personalized reading be useful and thorough, but you’ll also be able to get weekly life guidance for a very low monthly price. This is indispensable as you continue to work on yourself and find your spiritual path.

#56. Mastering Magick

If your spiritual journey is inspired by the use of spells and magic, Mastering Magick has a complete course to teach you everything you need to know.

Rose Ariadne’s Magick Academy contains over 250 hours of easy step-by-step information on the ancient art of Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft. It includes tutorials on hundreds of spells as well as courses on divination, tea reading, magic crystals, and herbs.

If your skeptical like I originally was, the material is backed by a full 1-year money-back guarantee. So why not give these spells a shot to help create the spiritual life you want?

#57. Arthur Findlay College

This is THE preeminent school in the world to learn how to become a medium.

You can study Spiritualist philosophy and healing here through courses, lectures and demonstrations from leading global experts. Arthur Findlay College holds over 80 online courses every year for both mediumship beginners and advanced students.

If you’re not quite ready to become a full-fledged medium like me, you can start with their spiritual development or healing courses.

#58. Psychic Oz

Psychic Oz uses well-vetted and affordable psychics to help guide you on your spiritual path and development.

If you’re already a psychic, or you wish to offer your psychic services after you’ve developed fully, this is one of the best sites to do that because you know you will be well-respected.

All of their readings come with guarantees, and you can find mediums, clairvoyants, astrology, tarot readings…even dream analysis or pet psychics!

#59. 15-Minute Manifestation

Being able to manifest doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire day meditating or visualizing. In fact, with the right tools, you can start seeing results from your manifestation practice in just minutes a day.

That’s why I recommend 15-Minute Manifestation which helps you remove any limiting beliefs holding you back through 15-minute audio tracks that help you tap into your subconscious.

It’s all based on the principles of quantum physics to basically retrain and rewire your brain, and the process is extremely simple and fast. You’ll even get a free audio track for getting Deep Sleep (fast!).

#60. HeartMath

One of the most powerful ways to awaken to the best version of yourself is to follow the intuition of your heart. And that’s what HeartMath is all about.

The science behind HeartMath is that different heart activity patterns have different effects on your thoughts and behaviors. Shifting your negative heart patterns that lead to stress and anxiety can bring you calm and higher creative potential by balancing your mental and emotional energy.

HeartMath will help you improve your focus, calm and emotional well-being through courses, mentoring with HeartMath trainers and unique technology that lets you take control of how you feel. You can even learn to become a HeartMath professional yourself.

#61. Goop

You’ve probably heard of this site started by actress Gwyneth Paltrow or maybe even checked out the inspired Netflix series based around her spiritual brand.

You might not know, however, how comprehensive a resource Goop is or all the different things you can do here to help you on your spiritual path.

Launched in September 2008, you won’t only find beauty and stylish clothing here. You’ll discover an abundance of knowledgeable articles and products on spiritual wellness, health, fitness and more.

There’s even a travel section to provide you with the kind of excursions that will nourish your soul.

#62. 7 Day Prayer Miracle

If you believe that the best and fastest way to manifest is through prayer, then the 7 Day Prayer Miracle course may be for you.

Using in-depth research in the ancient scriptures as well as in modern science studies, you’ll discover the ultimate 4-sentence prayer to repeat each day for a week until your requested miracle manifests itself.

See how founder Amanda Ross turned a tragedy into the greatest benefit of her life, and how you can benefit from it in your spiritual development.

#63. So Well

One of the first things I learned when developing as a medium was to clear my energy with salt baths and even scrubbing myself with salt in the shower.

That’s why I’m recommending you check out So Well, a leader in salt therapy products. They provide a diverse collection of Fair Trade, handmade Himalayan salt lights, salt therapy products and everyday living essentials.

SoWell natural Himalayan salt lamps are carved by hand from solid blocks of pure rock crystal salt that has been excavated from pristine sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains. Each fair trade lamp is original with its own distinctive organic shape and colors to enhance your well-being.

#64. Ziva Meditation

If your tired of messing with “free” meditation apps, then you’ll want to check out Ziva.

You’ll learn how to practice mindfulness, meditation and manifesting in just 15 days, as well as the neuroscience behind why it works and how to into easily work it into your everyday life.

Ziva’s difference is that you learn meditation as a skill you can do anywhere in any circumstance. The program comes with a satisfaction guarantee and after you learn the technique you can continue with master level training programs and retreats.

#65. Seven Minute Mindfulness

When you make mindfulness a regular routine, it becomes an unlimited source of spiritual strength. And you can do it quickly, in just 7 minutes a day, to experience the benefits without any big effort.

That’s the power of Seven Minute Mindfulness, which promises a simple, fast way to overcome meditation resistance.

Using 7-minute audio tracks of guided meditation with relaxing music, you can quickly establish an easy routine to calm yourself, release stress and develop your ability to be in touch with the stillness of your deeper self. Includes 2 books of wellness and mindfulness techniques!

#66. The Mindfulness Summit

Meet online with 40 of the world’s leading experts on meditation and mindfulness all in one place at The Mindfulness Summit!

You’ll join the likes of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Kack Kornfield for a series of online interviews, practice sessions and presentations teaching you how to practice mindfulness in your daily life.

Especially useful in my opinion…learning how to “respond” from a place of mindfulness rather than react to challenges in your life. Registering for the summit also gets you instant access to mindfulness tutorials and a 5-day mindfulness mini-course.

#67. Matt Kahn

I’ve probably learned more about love and spirituality from Matt Kahn than any other master spiritual teacher out there. I simply can’t recommend his videos, programs and workshops highly enough.

Matt is the author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here to Help You and The Universe Always Has A Plan. His heart-centered approach is unlike anything else out there in this space, and unlike other spiritual “gurus” he steers away from New Age mumbo jumbo.

I love his straight-shooting humorous approach and there’s wisdom to take from every one of his videos, books and events. I guarantee once you start to become familiar with him and his teachings, you’ll want to keep going back for more.

#68. The Witches Box

Here’s a unique subscription service that gives you a new set of beautiful, well-crafted, and handmade ritual tools every month.

Every month you’ll also receive an invite to an online gathering to learn the ins and outs of the magic inside each box and you’ll also get 1-2 full-sized pouches of herbs, incense, or resins from their Witches Apothecary line.

The Witches Box is also a great resource for learning Tarot and an opportunity to join a healing and empowering online community.

#69. Deepak Chopra

A household name, Deepak Chopra has been at the forefront of helping others tap into their own inner stillness and spirituality for more than 30 years.

The author of over 90 books, TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.”

On his site, you’ll find, well, pretty much EVERYTHING on any spiritual topic. It’s a wealth of knowledge in a variety of mediums and a lot of it is free. You can also support his global non-profit foundation to improve health and well-being, cultivate spiritual knowledge, expand consciousness, and promote world peace.

#70. Soul Realignment

The Akashic Records are an infinite recording of every thought, idea and action from the past, present and future. Kept in another dimension where time does not apply, there is great spiritual power in being able to access the Akashic Records to better understand your spiritual purpose and destiny.

Through free will and choice, we are Divine creators of our own experience. That’s the premise behind Soul Realignment, which will teach you how to accurately unlock information from the Records about your Soul’s nature, purpose, and gifts – for yourself, your loved ones, and if you wish, for paying clients as well.

You’ll also learn how to clear and heal any negative karmic limitations you are putting on yourself. Best of all, you’ll receive clear and specific information on how to align to your inherent Soul-level gifts to live a fulfilling life.

#71. Energy Muse

Having the right energy ON your body is just as important of what’s going on inside you. That’s why I recommend Energy Muse for its diverse selection of healing crystals and jewelry to help you realign and recalibrate your energy.

If you’re just learning about crystals, they have a lot of knowledgeable information on their blog. And their Crystal of the Month subscription is a fun way to learn about new crystals you may not have considered buying before.

You can use the vibrational power of crystals to shift your perspective, get centered and journey on the spiritual path toward the person you were always meant to be.

#72. The Spiritual Mall

There’s a little bit of something for everything at The Spiritual Mall online store.

What’s unique about this site is the unique spiritual shopping categories you won’t find anywhere else, like children’s products, spirituality cards and art prints.

Get a free virtual gift bag now with meditations, art and music to deepen your spiritual connections. It’s also a great place to order gift cards for the spiritual adventurers in your life.

#73. Natural Wellness Academy

If you’re looking to take your spiritual knowledge to use it to help others, then you may want to consider becoming a holistic health and life coach.

The Natural Wellness Academy believes that in order to be truly happy, you not only need to take care of your mind and spirit, but also your body.

They have coaching certification programs in everything from Spiritual Wellness, Mind Dynamics, Hypnotherapy, and even helping people with their health through Cannabis.

You can become a Personal Wellness coach in as little as 9 months!

#74. Tony Robbins

I’ve learned a lot from Tony Robbins programs over the years, and while he might not be strictly classified as “spiritual”, he certainly fits the bill in his approach to helping you master every area of your life.

Author of six international bestsellers, Tony has been leading the personal development space for more than four decades. Spiritual growth is all about transformation, and there’s no greater person to learn how to really transform than Tony Robbins.

Whether you choose to partake in one of his passionate and emotional live events, receive direct coaching or simply purchase one of his many success courses on business, relationships or personal growth…you are certain to experience some life-changing gains.

#75. Manduka

With some of the most sought-after yoga mats in the world, Manduka is much more than just a place to buy your yoga products.

Having the right yoga accessories means being able to focus entirely on your yoga practice, and that’s where this site excels. And these are responsibly sourced products that focus on innovation and comfort.

If you’re looking to learn yoga, their online video classes are top notch and are available in a variety of languages.

Yoga really is for everyone and can really assist with your personal transformation, so I encourage you to give Manduka a look.

#76. Brave Thinking Institute

The true end goal of spiritual development is of course being able to create a fulfilling life that you love. And that’s exactly what the Brave Thinking Institute is there to help hou with.

Using courses, transformational programs, group masterminds and a coaching certification, they can help you align with spiritual principles to set you on the path to greater impact and manifestation.

It’s the variety and quality of the programs here that really stand apart. And if you’re thinking of creating a coaching business to help others along their spiritual path, there are lots of opportunities here for you as well.

#77. Dr. Joe Dispenza

One of the foremost experts in neuroscience, quantum physics and mind-body medicine, Dr. Joe Dispenza aims to remove the mystery of spirituality by exploring the science behind healing and consciousness.

After a severe cycling accident that left his spine severely damaged, Dispenza figured out how to truly heal the body with just the power of your mind.

You’ll find a vast collection of meditations, books, online courses and even music on his site. But I especially recommend his retreats for truly transformative experiences and the ability to merge your spirit into one filed of consciousness.