Here’s What Happened When I Finally Stopped Denying My Natural Spiritual Gifts And Began Living My True Soul Purpose

(HINT: It Was Miraculous!)

My name is Michael and I have a confession to make.

I used to see ghosts when I was a little boy.

I saw them in the halls of my home.

I saw them sitting at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night.

And I saw them in public spaces, unnoticeable to anyone but me.

I was terrified.

And because I was raised in a traditionally Irish Catholic Boston family, I told no one.

I was afraid my parents would think I was lying or worse, crazy.

So I convinced myself that what I saw wasn’t real.

As I grew older, my self-denial grew so strong that I repressed these memories entirely.

And the consequences for my mental health and well-being were devastating.

It was only much later in life after I lost everything that I was finally able to embrace my spiritual gifts as a psychic medium and find a level of peace and success I never thought possible.

And I don’t want the same to happen to you.

I don’t want your life passing you by while you feel “lost” inside and like something nameless is missing that’s keeping you from feeling truly alive.

Which is why I created this blog: to give you the best advice and information on expanding your spiritual health and awareness…

So you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

From Depression To Defiance…

You see, because I refused to acknowledge who I truly was, I was driven to pacify my deep unhappiness with people and jobs that were completely inauthentic to who I was.

I searched in vain for the kind of traditional security found in regular 9 to 5 jobs and romantic partnerships.

And though I was relatively successful in both my personal and work life as a copywriter and marketer, the truth is…

I felt dead inside.

I chose “safe” partners who were satisfied so long as I was climbing the company ladder and planning a future with a white picket fence.

I was constantly struggling between some undefined calling inside me to “do more” and make a real impact in the world…

And the need to simply stay afloat and satisfy the needs of others while ignoring my own.

In fact, without realizing it, I was actually using my psychic and intuitive gifts to help “fix” others, especially the partners I was energetically drawn to.

I had no idea how ungrounded I was or that I was draining my own energy constantly because I was trying to heal myself by always healing others.

In short, I was completely disconnected from my authentic self.

I was depressed and even though I was often “with” someone I actually felt very alone.

I had no idea how to answer this spiritual calling or where to turn.

And eventually this profound sadness turned to anger. Anger against myself for making the same unfulfilling choices over and over again…

And anger at the people closest to me in my life who I mistakenly believed were holding me back from my true potential.

I started defying my bosses, my romantic partners, even my family…

Becoming a rebel that couldn’t stay committed to any one thing for long because I wasn’t yet committed to myself.

And I eventually found myself alone over and over again…

Until I would start the whole cycle once more with a new job, a new partner, a new distraction to keep me from addressing the fear my gifts inspired in me.

How Almost Going Blind Allowed Me To See

The beginning of my spiritual awakening started with a misdiagnosis that almost left me blind.

Shortly after my 40th birthday I began experiencing flashing lights and a strange tunnel vision in my left eye.

I ignored it for far too long, much like I had ignored my true spiritual vision for most of my adult life.

Being extremely nearsighted, I was used to having vision issues, but nothing that couldn’t be resolved by a new contact lens prescription!

When I eventually went to see my optometrist, he said there were no issues and sent me on my way…advising me that “in the future” it might be a good idea to check in with a retina specialist.

With my left eye carrying virtually all the weight of my vision compared to my right, he warned me that any serious problems with my left eye would leave me in serious jeopardy.

Little did I know that such jeopardy would take place just a few weeks later when I started losing all sight in my left eye.

After rushing to see a retina specialist I was told I had a retinal detachment and needed surgery immediately. The chances of me getting my full vision back were slim.

Now, you should know that having such a spontaneous retinal detachment at this age is quite rare.

I remember sitting in the lobbies of my doctors being surrounded by fellow patients in their 70’s and 80’s.

All I could think at first was “why me”?

There were multiple surgeries and I could not lift my head for a month. All told, it would take me several years to fully recover (while losing some peripheral vision).

I would never be the same again.

And it was a blessing.

You see, all that time being unable to see and unable to work, forced me to retreat deeply inward.

I spent every day meditating and visualizing my vision returning and being perfect.

And I could no longer hide from the divine nature of the stillness inside myself. I remembered what was truly real and who I really was.

In the end, the doctors called it a “miraculous” recovery.

But it wasn’t miraculous to me. I knew I manifested my healing with my intentions. I knew I had completely lost my “focus” and this was a rebirth to put me back on track.

I thought I had overcome the worst thing to ever happen to me and that I was truly ready for the new spiritual journey ahead.

I was wrong.

I Had To Lose Everything In Order To Find So Much More…

It was only several years later that my life reached another “dark night of the soul” moment.

But thankfully, divine synchronicity led me to the breakthrough that would change my life forever.

It was the brutal end of another five year relationship for which I had already uprooted my life several times.

Followed by the loss of both of my parents.

Unfortunately, I discovered too late that I was living in a very unhealthy situation. I had to leave my home with no warning and found myself essentially homeless with just my car and what little belongings I had left (that hadn’t been destroyed).

I was completely alone, with no job and nowhere to go.

I had one friend I hadn’t seen in over a decade who lived in Asheville, North Carolina — a place I always wanted to visit.

After licking my wounds in Asheville for a month, I found myself in my car at a grocery store parking lot having a complete breakdown.

Where would I go? What would I do? How had I lost who I mistakenly thought was the love of my life in such a sudden and horrifically cruel manner?

As a screenwriter with mild success, I had always fantasized about moving to Los Angeles to follow the Hollywood dream. But that was thousands of miles across the country. And I had nowhere to live.

I went to bed that night asking my spirit guides to assist me, but the truth is, I was so despondent I never wanted to wake up.

But the very next morning I awoke to a mind blowing email.

In reaching out to various places to live on Craigslist I had accidentally reconnected with the same person I was supposed to live with in LA six years ago! I had no idea that the person behind one of the rental ads was actually already a friend on Facebook.

Talk about incredible synchronicity!

Perhaps there was something else at work here. Something I needed to trust and surrender to.

So I got in my car and drove across the United States to start my new life as a screenwriter.

Only, the universe had other plans…

“You’re Supposed To Be A Medium!”

It was a difficult transition and to be honest, I started to really dislike Los Angeles.

Nothing felt right, and I took another marketing job I disliked to make ends meet. Once again I fell into the ego security trap, not trusting that Spirit wanted me to be happy and would provide for me if I just listened to my heart and intuition.

Even though the job was only a few miles away, LA traffic meant I had to drive 90 minutes each way in intense traffic and I found myself completely exhausted on the daily.

And despite the divine intervention that brought me here, I quickly grew depressed and despondent once more.

But the next message from the divine would be the one that finally stuck.

Due to my depression, I wasn’t going out much. One day a friend dragged me to get a free psychic reading in the hopes it would cheer me up.

The readings were being done by students learning how to be psychics and mediums. My readings were fine, but it was the moment the professional medium teacher approached me that everything changed.

She took one look at me and proclaimed out loud: “Do you know you’re already a medium? It’s what you’re supposed to be doing!”

I was stunned. Nearly a decade ago another medium had told me the exact same thing.

But this time I was finally ready to hear it.

You Can Have The Same Spiritual Transformation I Did, Only Much Faster…

It didn’t take long after that moment for my life to change.

The teacher was having a mediumship workshop the following weekend. I attended and instantly realized how naturally gifted a medium I really was.

I could no longer deny this core aspect of myself. In fact, I quickly realized that everything in my life that had gone wrong or not worked out for me to this point was because I had refused the calling to become a professional medium. I had lost my soul purpose.

Even though I always dabbled in spiritual realms, metaphysics and meditation, I never had the confidence, and more importantly, the accurate knowledge to know how to move forward into becoming my true spiritual self.

And that’s exactly why I created this blog for you. Because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.

I don’t want you floundering for years trying to remember who you really are.

I don’t want you losing touch with your spiritual gifts and the life-changing gifts they can bring you every single day.

And I want you to live connected to your soul purpose, feeling calm, connected and in love with every present moment.

And now with several years of a professional mediumship career under my belt, a beautiful office where I do my in person readings in Woodland Hills, and a loving relationship with someone who accepts and embraces my spiritual side…

I am flourishing in ways I never before thought possible. Depression is a thing of the past as I continue to live in service to helping others through my mediumship.

I know that I’m making a difference every day and I want you to experience the same.

So I hope you will enjoy the spiritual tips, guides, meditations and metaphysical shopping recommendations you will find on this blog.

My aim is to cover anything and everything that will help you stay in touch with your spiritual side so you can live the life of your dreams your Spirit intends for you.

And I can’t thank you enough for being here.


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